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Blog: 29 kilometres, 29 years: the inaugural birthday run

"It’s funny how running has crept into my life — from being a thing I was trying out back in 2010, to a thing I had to do in order to train for a marathon in 2013, to being a thing I now can’t cope without. The past few months have been trying. I’ve experienced the lowest, darkest moments of my life where I’ve wondered if things will ever improve. And on those days, I can’t always bring myself to get out for a run. But when I manage to clamber out of the pit enough to pull on my trainers, I reap the benefits."

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Blog: Midsommar, frog dancing and Brexit

"And so it was that I, an English immigrant, found myself holding hands with a Syrian refugee to my right and an elderly Swedish lady to my left — sporting a maniacal grin as she laughed at my failed attempts to get the actions to each song right — as we trotted around a flagpole that had been painstakingly erected by a thirty-strong group of Swedes under instruction from a man dressed in an outfit much akin to that of the mayor in the tiny English town that I come from. The event was innocent, wholesome, frequented by all ages and races, with none of the drunken braying and Strongbow cans littering the ground that would undoubtedly have accompanied a similar community event in England. No one seemed to care that they danced to the same six songs every year, or that the lyrics to the frog song were utter nonsense — people simply came together and participated as equals, each person’s dancing as ludicrous as the next."

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